Author: Amaarah Mayet


Frequently, technologically progressive individuals have to bear the brunt of the general public’s dissatisfaction with “useless gadgets”.

“When are they going to make something truly innovative… a machine that prints food?”  they ask.

Now, while I recognise that that would be awesome, I don’t think we ought to generalise that “all other gadgets are useless”.  In fact, today I’d like to share with you four gadgets that will leave you mindblown! (And maybe feed your innovative-hungry minds too!)

These new and innovative gadgets are taking the technological world by storm and I’m going unravel the complex jargon surrounding them so that you can uncover a little bit about these uber-cool gizmos.  Today we’ll be looking at EcoVent, the Self-sterilising Door Handle, the Google Smart Contact Lens and the HIV Testing Smartphone Attachment.


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