Author: Amaarah Mayet


The modern world is surviving and thriving on awareness and knowledge. As demonstrated, gadgets are “revolutionalising” our thinking and the way in which we live- for the better I might add.  Useful gadgets make our lives easier and multitasking is no longer such a feat. In addition to that, devices also conserve time, energy and money as most gadgets provide three to five functions in one (aka device convergence). They optimise efficiency and our execution of daily activities. Gadgets have become technologically precise and well as trendy.

More importantly, gadgets are pretty awesome and “gadget junkies” no longer include just the clichéd “geeks” but rather has been extended to a wider range of individuals.

We might not be able to print food yet, but these gadgets are well on their way to adding spice to our lives and sustaining our lifestyles too!


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