logo_horizonal_color_dark1-300x55What is EcoVent and how does it work?

Author: Bryce Cressy


The Ecovent is an environmentally friendly thermostat system creating a smart home heating/environmental system that regulates the temperatures of individual rooms according to customized preferences.This sounds like just another basic thermostat right? Wrong! The EcoVent is a next generation air filter and purification system as well! Not only are you getting your preferred temperature for your room, but you are also getting the best air possible to breathe into your lungs! In Lehman’s terms, the EcoVent is a system of air vents set up in every room of your house that contain sensors (that sense if there is anyone in the room so it is not wasting energy when there is no need for it) and, via wifi and the Ecovent App, heat or cool the room to the owner’s preference. In one room you could have the North Pole and in the other you could have the Sahara desert!

Ecovent is this zoning system for room to room control, there are 4 main components of the EcoVent. There are the air vents that replace your old air vents and opens and closes automatically to move the air where it needs to go. You have the sensors that you plug into the wall which tells Ecovent what is going on in that room from a climate perspective. The next part is the control hub which is the brains behind the EcoVent used in conjunction with the final part, the App that creates those different climates in each room from your digital device! The best part of Ecovent is that it is constantly learning and adapting to your preferences so eventually you won’t even need to control it as it will know your climate preferences better than you know your own!


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For whom?

Author: Thabang Modise


The Ecovent, as explained in one of our earlier posts, is a system that controls the temperature within any room of your own choosing and also very conservative in a sense as it not only saves money but it is also very good for the environment.

The bulk of this post would be for who the Ecovent is for.

The Ecovent is for people who are always complaining about the temperature of your house either being too cold or far too warm. It is for people who are very conservative about their money and, after very extensive research, this system could help in the healing process of very sick individuals.

Targeted temperature management is a type of healing that supposedly uses temperature to help prevent and at a later stage try and deal with traumatic cases such as; Cardiac arrest, Stroke, neonatal encephalopathy and traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.

The example I will be talking about in this post is Cardiac arrest:

ILCOR and the American Heart Association, support the idea of cooling the body before resuscitation, as this has been proven to increase chances of survival. With the Ecovent if someone had to go into Cardiac arrest in any one of the rooms in your house, you could quickly take out your phone, go to the App, drop the temperature and save someone’s life.

The Ecovent is also not specifically for a certain financial bracket as it is easy to set up within your home as you could do it yourself.

From the research and surveys we have conducted it is evident that the Ecovent is basically for anyone, from the tech savvy to the laggards of technology, from the really wise of age to the youngest of the
young. This product is for anyone and everyone; fact.



Author: Grant Perry
The Ecovent is an app controlled temperature regulator for ones house. It allows the user to be in control of the temperature of each room in the house from anywhere that they have signal on their smart phones provided that there is a sensor and Ecovent in each room. Why Ecovent? Ecovent is a step towards the future in automating our lives, providing us with comfort, functionality, ease of use and a cost saving strategy. It provides us with comfort because the user can control it all the time, the user has the option of which temperature he/she wants for each room of the house. This not only adds to the comfort but to the cost saving because the thermostat doesn’t have to run the whole house, each room is monitored on its own meaning that the user can set the temperature of the main rooms that they use so that when they get home it is the required temperature. It saves costs because not every room needs to be temperature controlled the entire time unless the user wants to control the temperature of every room. It is functional, an easy-to-use app controls the temperature of each room from wherever you are and requires minimum effort to install as it is a simple installation to your current vent system. Ecovent is a step towards tomorrow, who wouldn’t want to come home to a cool room in the summer and a warm cosy room in the winter, with Ecovent it is now possible for each room to be controlled from your smart phone
Survey and analysis of EcoVent survey
Author: Bryce Cressy 1081527
Co-Author: Thabang Modise 1076104

We carried out this specific survey so that we can get a broader understanding of what goes through our customers minds when we had given them a little amount of information about EcoVent and see if just this small amount of information would trigger desire and excitement to go and purchase our product. The main purpose of the survey was to experiment whether people would be interested in our product before we have given them the bulk on the information.

Link to survey:


Analysis: 7 respondents

1) What is your age?

85% 18-24

15% 25-34

2) What is your gender?

67% male

33% female

3) How likely are you to use our product?

43% very good chance

43% slight chance

14% not likely

4) How important is pricing to use when choosing this type of product?

27% extremely important

27% quite important

46% moderately important

After all the results of our survey were finalized, it was evident that males preferred our product to females and most people would be happy to utilise our product. Pricing is considered relatively important when looking at our product, but people need to take into consideration that it is eco-friendly as it uses the original air in the room and is all environmentally friendly. What we would do should we have to conduct another survey is that we would spread the age groups and genders more diversely into every spectrum of the society instead of university students only.


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