What is it and how does it work?

Author: Kate Crozet


Have you ever thought about the amount of bacteria that lives on door handles? We do not even want to think about it, because we know what the answer is: PLENTY. Imagine the number of hands that touch public door handles on a daily basis. Even though these door handles get cleaned every day (we hope), it is not enough to stop the spreading of all the germs that have made a home on door handles. Door handles in public places serve as breeding grounds for bacteria and communicable diseases. The only defense we humans have, against these common communicable diseases, is prevention. A simple, yet high tech, gadget was created to defend the germ-filled society from such diseases: the Door Handle with a Self-Sterilization System.

This innovative door handle uses a UV lamp to sterilize itself. The lamp, which runs the entire length of the handle, continuously shines when the door handle is not in use and it kills any bacteria on the door handle by desterilizing it. Who knew a UV light could do such a thing? The end of the door handle presses down on a switch spring, keeping the UV lamp on. The very second that the door handle is in use (pushed downwards), the switch spring in the handle’s mechanism springs upward, which turns off the UV lamp. After use, the door handle returns to its resting position, and the UV light is turned back on. Pretty cool, right? This innovation could really be beneficial to society if it is implemented properly.


For Whom?

Author: Puleng Katane


Recently there has been a rapid spread of many different types of influenza. Many of these viral influenza viruses have been cost many their lives the most common being the H1N1 virus also referred to as Swine Flu.1

The door handle with self-sterilization is developed to decrease the spread of communicable diseases and infections. The target market for such a product is most evidently the workplace.2

A place of work where objects, space and rooms are frequently used and shared by staff provides as a breeding ground for the dissemination of viral infections. Objects such as door handles in the work environment are more prone to contract different germs, which are easily spread onto the next party.

The door handle with self sterilization is aimed for corporations where there are multiple people walking in and out of the corporation daily whether it be employees or associates.

In organisations that are profit driven, having staff being off due to viral infections is considered a loss because the rate at which the organisation is functioning is slower than what is required. Such a loss of human capital can be eliminated through obtaining the product.

With consideration to the price factor, businesses are more likely to afford such a product due to their revenue accumulation. Businesses seem to have the biggest need for a door handle that sterilises itself to ensure a healthier work environment and therefore satisfy the target market for this product.

It is clear that businesses worldwide regardless of size, type or location are the targeted market for the door handle with self-sterilization. Through such a product businesses may hugely benefit in both the short and long run.


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Why was it developed?

Author: Ashley Kalinda


Disease and viruses are constantly spreading around us which cause us to become ill. These viruses are often transmitted through human contact especially through our hands which carry germs and contribute to the constant spreading of viruses such as influenza and more seriously the H1N1 virus otherwise known as swine flu.

Swine flu in 2009 became a global issue and still continues to be a worldwide issue. It has been reported that there has been an outbreak of swine flu this year that affected the live of 20 000 people and 100 people have died from this disease. Health organizations around the world have tried to emphasise the importance of hand washing. However, this was not sufficient enough.

This door handle with the inbuilt self-sterilizing system was developed in the attempt to help provide further solutions to help combat the spreading of diseases. Hands come into contact with one another every day and they especially come into contact with door handles. So, the self-sterilizing system on the door knob allows fewer germs to be spread around through the use of door knobs.

Many view the self-sterilizing door handle as a great alternative solution to help with the spreading of the diseases. However, there have also been concerns that this gadget does not help address the real problem of hand-to-hand germ transmission and that the self-sterilizing system might even encourage users to stop washing their hands which defeats the whole purpose of the innovative gadget.

However, the gadget was developed in an attempt to help combat the spreading of diseases through the self-sterilizing system and does not provide a complete end to the issue of germs transmission but is a great attempt to help prevent the spread of diseases.






Author: Ashley Kalinda 1073752

Co-Author: Kate Crozet 1093478

Co-Author: Puleng Katane 1088481


A survey was conducted through survey monkey. The survey consisted of eight questions which aimed to understand the public perception of the product. The survey received 34 responses.

These are the graphs that show the analysis of the responses.

question 1 (7) question 2 (7) question 3 (7) question 4 (7) question 5 (7) question 6 (7) question 7 (7) question 8 (7)

From the survey we can conclude a lot of things about the product. The results of the survey show that 82.34% of the respondents were female and 17.65% were male. The majority of the respondents 94.12% were between the ages of 14 to 24 which are students. The door handle sterilizer was accepted to be a fairly innovative by 58, 82 % of the respondents. The results also show that 44.12 % of the respondents believed that the gadget was a great invention that brings great efforts against the spreading of diseases and 44.12 % also believe that the door handle sterilizer provides alternative solutions to help the spreading of diseases. However, it seems that the majority of the respondents, 61.76 % of the respondents think that the gadget is viable in South Africa and that they would be most viable in learning institutions. It is also concluded that the price of the gadget is very important when considering the purchase of the gadget, by 50 % of the respondents.

We can confirm that the gadget is seen to be a great development that meets the aims of preventing the further spread of diseases. The gadget is innovative and viable in South Africa especially in learning institutions according to the survey results.


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